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Salvation, Brigham Young, Jan. 16, 1853

Spiritual Communication, P.P. Pratt, April 7, 1853

Taylor's Mission to Europe, J. Taylor, Aug. 22, 1852

Recreation and the Proper Use of it, B. Young, March 4, 1852

Believing the Bible -The Gospel, H.C. Kimball, July 11, 1852

Knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ - The Religions of Men, the Religion of God - Joseph Smith - Persecutions, Etc.

Liberty and Persecution, Conduct of the U.S. Government, Etc. G. Smith, July 24, 1852

Self-Government - Mystery - Recreation and Amusement, Not in Themselves Sinful - Tithing - Adam, Our Father and Our God, B. Young, April 9, 1852

Celestial Marriage, O. Pratt, Aug. 29. 1852

Education, B. Young,  April 8, 1852

Sanctification - Economy - Apostates - The Wolves and the Sheep, O. Hyde, April 9, 1853

Confidence - Advice to Emigrants - Danger in Prosperity, B. Young, Sept. 11, 1853

The Nauvoo Legion - Civil and Religious Rights, G. Smith, July 4, 1852

Joseph Smith, A True Prophet - Apostates - Dreams, Etc., B. Young,  March 27, 1853

Persecutions of the Church - Apostates - Freedom - Self Defense, P.P. Pratt. March 27, 1853

"March of Mormonism"  The Power of God and the Wisdom of Man - Good and Evil Influences - The Law of Increase, B. Young, June 13, 1852

Plea of G. A. Smith, Esq., on the Trial of Howard Egan for the Murder of James Monroe, G. Smith, 1851 also includes: CHARGE OF HON. Z. SNOW, JUDGE OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT of the United States for the Territory of Utah, to the Jury, On the Trial....

President B. Young's Trip South - Indian Difficulties - Walker - Watching and Prayer - Thieves and Their Deserts - Eastern Intelligence -Financial State of the Church - Gaining Knowledge, etc. B. Young, May 8, 1853

Duties and Privileges - Sacrifice - Confidence - Language - Organization and Disorganization - Taking Wives, B. Young, Feb. 27, 1853

A Man to Lead God's People - Overcoming - A Pillar in the Temple of God - Angels Visits - The Earth, O. Hyde, Oct. 6, 1853

The Temple Cornerstones, The Apostles, &c., B. Young, April 6, 1953

 Declaration of Independence - Constitution of the United States - Discovery, Colonization, and Progress of America - Despotic Nations - Influence of America for the Universal Prevalence of Liberty,  P.P Pratt, July 4, 1853

The Pioneers - The Capabilities and Settlement of the Great Basin - Exhortation to Faithfulness, B. Young, July 24, 1852

Motives and Feelings of the Saints - Experience Necessary - The State of the World - Infidels - Religions and the Works of Men, and the Religion and Works of God - Truth and Salvation,  J. Taylor, June 12, 1853

Materials for the Temple - The Clay and the Potter, H.C. Kimball, Oct. 9, 1852

The Standard and Ensign for the People, P.P. Pratt, Jan. 30, 1853

Where the Wicked Go - Continual Opposition to and Prejudice Against the Truth - The Judges and the Delegate of Utah - The Spirit of God aqnd the Spirit of the World - Potency of the Gospel, B. Young, June 19, 1853

Disobedience of Counsel - The Indian War the Result of the Same, G. Smith, Oct. 7, 1853

Weakness and Impotence of Men - Condition of the Saints - Dedication to the Lord - The Millenium, Brigham Young, April 6, 1852

Blessings of Faithfulness - Education of Children - President Brigham Young - The Clay and the Potter, H. C. Kimball, Oct. 8, 1852

Management of the Canyons - Paying Debts - Keeping Stores - Material for the Temple, B. Young, Oct. 9, 1852

Legitimacy and Illegitimacy, J. Taylor, Apr. 8, 1853

Effects and Privileges of the Gospel - The Latter Day Saints and the Christian World, B. Young, July 4, 1853

Funeral Address, H. C. Kimball, Sept. 23, 1852

Use and Abuse of Blessings, B. Young, June 5, 1853

Heirship and Priesthood, P.P. Pratt, April 10, 1853

True and False Riches, B. Young, August 14, 1853

Building Temples, B. Young, February 14, 1853