More Poetry (From Readers)


The Cry From the Dust Collection

From the Dust Shall They Cry

From the dust comes a cry,
From the dust comes a sound,
Why did innocents have to die
Cries the voice, wanting to be found

The cry is the spirit of the patriot
No foe's resolve is greater
Valiant for America
This spirit lives forever

The cry of the spirits of our ancestors, 
The patriots know their voice
When our flag was sacred
Our liberties were choice.

The price for their vision of paradise,
The lives of these men most valiant,
For their nation the highest sacrifice,
With God their reward shines radiant.

And they shall cry from the dust,
They cry unto the Lord for justice, 
Hoping we will redeem their trust
And assert those liberties bounteous

Like wildfire the message spreads 
Across the land is carried
The spirit of the patriot sings 
From graves where they are buried

A call rolls forward across the land, 
Now is the time the patriot awakes
A call for the patriots to step forward and stand
With our return to God, the enemy quakes

The patriots heed the call to arms
that call roars through the land
Our ancestors voices beckon them 
Their choice blood still in our sand

His veins run blue, his wounds bleed red,
towards America a clean white conscience,
A patriots spirit is never dead,
likewise his oath of allegiance.

Within the giant is a powerful force 
citizens well regulated
his slumber over, our patriot roars,
the evil is ill fated

Many heed the call; the spirit inspires,
Its voice sings through the land 
enveloping us like wildfire,
striking fear in the secret band

A military of enormous size,
It's urgent need unplanned,
yet valiantly will it organize 
to defeat the evil band

Its strength depends on not one man, 
we're unified for a nation,
led by a living document,
our beloved constitution

A patriot lives by our nation's rules,
fierce when provoked to defend,
Yet mindful of our principles,
only the true enemy will he rend

Protect the innocent where you trod 
we ask the patriots far and near
Our noble forces both home and abroad
unite to their duty clear

The evil wants silence, it is too late,
They'll have no harbor in our country,
who better to defend us, to trust our fate?
our flesh and blood well-armed yankee!

We despair in those times that the evil seems strong,
We yearn for a peace that comes later,
With a return to God we can’t go wrong,
For the power of the Lord is the greater.

And they echo from the ground these cries, 
The Lord will not always continue to suffer,
To hear from those who have paid the price,
And as the Lord liveth, he will remember.*

The Constitution


That divinely inspired document,
Which guarantees our protection,
To honorable men it was sent,
For to live under God in this Nation.

Defining the values of America,
Words built on a foundation of stone
Causing so many to come here.
Among all rulers it stands alone.

Its strength depends on not one man, 
We're unified for a nation,
We follow this immortal document,
Our beloved constitution.

"In finding our mission of the moment,
Assured of the rightness of our cause"**,
We honor that most precious document,
which guarantees our rights, in laws.

We honor those words divinely inspired,
The cornerstone of our nation,
The vision our founding fathers sired,
Long live our constitution!

The President's Speech

What are the words of patriotism?
How can it be expressed,
Promoting liberty and freedom, 
A patriot knows it best. 

We hear the words of our president, 
The speech addressing our grief,
We are vulnerable at the moment,
yet his words provide relief.

"Great harms have been done to us,
We have suffered great loss",**
We’ll pursue the Lord’s justice,
Beyond this, we will not cross.

"Even grief recedes with time and grace",
Aided by a light that’s greater,
"Memories of a voice or face",
"In our hearts they’re carried forever".

"Some wonder of our future,
Will it be darkness and fear", 
"A country awakened to danger",
Need cling to liberties dear.

May the Lord grant us wisdom, 
To one nation under God,
Never forget those words of freedom,
And our heroes we’ll always laud.

"The state of our union... it is strong"
The dreams of the patriots will live on
"the course is not known, yet its outcome is certain"
against the forces of unreason

"This will be an age of liberty",
Here and across the world,
A heritage preserved that makes us free,
And keeps our flag unfurled***.

"The advance of human freedom, 
great achievement of our time",
As in victories past, and those to come, 
Hold on, dear freedom sublime!

"In finding our mission of the moment,
Assured of the rightness of our cause",
We honor that most precious document,
which guarantees our rights, in laws.

In Summation

These cries from the dust, oh how they echo,
From patriot spirits with motives pure,
Brave when oppressed by freedom's foe
At great cost they did endure.

To find the truth, one shall not mock, 
embrace it whole and nothing less, 
He that builds upon the rock
receives the truth with gladness.

"Let us cast off the works of darkness,
Let us put on the armour of light",***
Time to stand tall for America
Time for true Americans to do right.

* A few scripture phrases were incorporated (See Book of Ether)

**Quotations in poem "The President's Speech" are directly attributable to actual comments from speech.

***Reference to lyrics of "America"

****Romans 13-12